[LiteCoins] NetcodePool a way to get Paid!

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    We operate a PPLNS pool with a 2% fee to help keep the pool running!

    Check us out at: www.NetcodePool.org

    What are Litecoins?
    Litecoins are money. Plain and simple. However, there are quite a few things that make Litecoins different from the money you and I use in our day to day lives. Litecoins are a digital cryptocurrency that exists outside the control of any government or central bank. This probably sounds familiar to many of you who have been following Bitcoins over the past several years. Bitcoin, as many of you know, was the forerunner that has created a revolution in the way we think about money. While Litecoin differs from Bitcoin in several technical aspects, in form and function they are essentially the same. In just a few years Bitcoin has gone from being worth pennies to trading at well over 100$ per bitcoin. While Litecoin is in its infancy compared to Bitcoin, we strongly feel that Litecoin will be the next crytocurrency to gain significant traction. We urge our users to get in early and not to miss out on the next big digital currency!

    If all of this sounds like nonsensical technobabble we recommend further reading on Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies from these and other sources:
    Litecoin - Bitcoin

    Why Join Our Pool?
    Anyone can mine cryptocurrency solo or by joining a group. Mining in a group has several important benefits that make it more attractive than solo mining. Due to the nature of the mining process itself, solo miners may go days, weeks, or even months before finding any coins. A pool allows users to combine their efforts and receive continuous payment for their work, even if their work did not directly result in a coin being found! Our pool will provide you with roughly the same return as a solo miner but with much smoother payouts. Instead of receiving coins sporadically, you earn shares continually as your GPU mines.

    In addition to these standard pool features we offer several unique benefits and rewards to our pool members. Members are automatically entered into raffles for computer gear(name brand gaming keyboards, headsets, mousepads, etc) and NetCode swag. Active members will also receive Netcode Premium access on netcodesource.org. No other pool offers such generous incentives and prizes!

    To read more about pool mining check out:
    Pooled Mining

    If you are interested in mining in our pool, check our Getting Started Guide.

    Contact Support
    email: support@netcodepool.org
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    I'm confused :eek:
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    I cant find your exe file I only see the guiminer.exe
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    Seems legit..
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  5. Hitman Absolution GIVEAWAY to whoever finds the first block on the Netcode Pool will receive the game.

    Quick explanation. You run a program on your computer that uses your GPU power to mine Litecoin. These coins are worth about $4.5 right now. So you as basically SPAWNING money with 0 effort.


    Posted Apr 9, 2013