CS:S GunGame Release

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    written by: [MENTION=1426]JessicaJoy[/MENTION] & [MENTION=551]Reta[/MENTION] - image by: [MENTION=1426]JessicaJoy[/MENTION]

    The Counter-Strike Division is pleased to announce our brand new GunGame server for Counter-Strike: Source.

    Play it now @

    The Counter-Strike Division has recently been in need of a server. With Prestige Gaming growing more and more everyday, we wanted to bring a game-mode for any player with any skill level to enjoy. This GunGame server is just the kick-off for many great things to come for our Counter-Strike Division. With the launch of this new server, the Prestige Gaming Leadership would like to thank you for your patience and contributions.

    Please take the time to give us some feedback on the server so we can continue to grow and improve as a community. Reply to this thread if you have any suggestions or ideas for our GunGame server.

    We would also like to add in that the top 5 members ranked by the end of the month will receive VIP on the forums and all servers for 1 month. The stats will reset at the end of each month, so everyone has a fair chance to get VIP.

    Finally, there will be a store system similar to our TTT store that you can access by typing !store in the chat. Multiple skins and trails can be bought using credits that are awarded to players for playing on the server. The skins and trails will only last two weeks, and will have to be rebought once they expire.

    For more information or any questions, please visit the
    Counter-Strike Divisional Forum.

    Posted Mar 10, 2013
  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted Mar 10, 2013
  3. Why u no join

    Get ur ass on here
    Posted Mar 10, 2013
  4. Then buy me css cuz i was hacked so i don't have it :)!!! please
    Posted Mar 10, 2013
  5. Yay :D
    Posted Mar 11, 2013
  6. Do you guys prefer gun game over regular?
    Posted Mar 13, 2013
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