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  1. Thorium

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    Host: @Thorium
    Co-Host: N/A

    Melonbomber will be held on March 14th, 2018
    If you would like to join the event, You can find the times at the bottom of the thread.
    Be sure to join us on TeamSpeak in the Event Room 15 minutes before the event!

    Event description
    You're put on a map with a whole bunch of wooden blocks, and must place bombs made out of melons down, in order to break them and meet your enemies. Powerups spawn, which increases your bomb power, your character's speed, and the overall amount of bombs/melons you can place. If too much time has passed, the walls will start closing in, and whoever the last one left alive is, wins!

    Event times:
    PST 3:00 PM (-3)
    MST 4:00 PM (-2)
    CST 5:00 PM (-1)
    EST 6:00 PM (+-0)
    GMT 11:00 PM (+5)

    How To Join TeamSpeak

    Posted Mar 11, 2018
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  2. GrimReaper

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    Oof... I suck at melonbomber
    Posted Mar 11, 2018
  3. Randy

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    Looks fun
    Posted Mar 11, 2018
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