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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by George Ri, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Okay, my Photoshop skills need some extending and stretching, so you can:
    A. You can actually request something you want (Sig/Spray) I'll try.
    B. You can give me a task that you've either done or know is possible or something you think I'd benefit from.

    So yup.
    Hope you give me some nice challenges.
    Posted Feb 17, 2013
  2. [MENTION=288]George Ri[/MENTION]

    I'll take a signature with Gordon Freeman in it. :p <3
    Posted Feb 17, 2013
  3. Golden


    I think photoshopping Obama doing strange things is always funny.
    Posted Feb 17, 2013
  4. Player#1

    Player#1 Member

    Learn to code faster and maybe learn some more languages like java
    Posted Feb 17, 2013
  5. Icey


    Can you make me a signature. This might be stretching it a bit but do your best to make a penguin in an iceberg with a light blue background and icey on the bottom
    Posted Feb 17, 2013
  6. A signature with my name and something king related. if you want it to be challenging, then you can mess around with the colors and make a flame related thing or something.
    Posted Feb 18, 2013
  7. Signature with Quality assurance member and junior rank also my name and a nice pic :D
    Posted Feb 18, 2013
  8. [​IMG]
    This look okay? [MENTION=1426]JessicaJoy[/MENTION] (Needs resizing before use).
    Posted Feb 18, 2013
  9. I love your location...
    Posted Feb 18, 2013
  10. George, I am requesting you making a spray of what you think a NinjaHippyFish should look like. :3

    Posted Feb 18, 2013
  11. I love it <3
    Posted Feb 18, 2013
  12. A signature with a sniper wearing the desert marauder with the double cross com doing the waving taunt please :D color doesn't matter nor does the background.
    Posted Feb 19, 2013
  13. Maddog


    A signature would be nice. Feel free to go Wild. ;)
    Posted Feb 25, 2013
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