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  1. SuperBoy

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    Host: @SuperBoy
    Co-Host: @soPa

    "Freak Fortress" will be held on "12/17/2017"
    If you would like to join the event, You can find the times at the bottom of the thread.
    Be sure to join us on TeamSpeak in the Event Room 15 minutes before the event!

    Event description
    Freak fortress pins the majority against one, the chosen freak (Basically a boss). Each boss has different skills making each round super fun and unique. While trying not to die, the majority of you will be either a) Trying to kill the boss or b) capturing the point. In the end only one side shall be VICTORIOUS!!!

    Event times:
    PST 1:00 PM (-3)
    MST 2:00 PM (-2)
    CST 3:00 PM (-1)
    EST 4:00 PM (+-0)
    GMT 9:00 PM (+5)

    How To Join TeamSpeak

    Posted Nov 28, 2017
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  2. frik

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    thanks for the event :D
    Posted Dec 17, 2017
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