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    I got a few questions.


    1. As a ct can i camp the t spawns in warday on the map clouds when freeday is called?
    Is that allowed?
    2. On minecraft beta, when warden calls warday can i get 200 hp as a guard then go to the warday area?
    Is that allowed?

    1. If there is a body (unided) on the floor and it is right behind a door, while an inno is waiting for another inno or T to come by and open the door then the inno killed the inno or t, for not iding the body when the inno or T didnt have the chance to since the inno killed him.

    Is that allowed?
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    I will be answering the jailbreak questions for you.

    Yes, it is allowed since it is a freeday for both T's and CT's, this wouldn't be considered a restricted area such as vents or armory.

    No, CT's aren't allowed to pick up T secrets.
    Posted Nov 18, 2017 at 11:05 PM