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    Artists: @nami | Writers: @xValence @Hydra @Qadassa @nami | Editors: @Qadassa @Hydra @nami

    Look, it is a special introduction written by @Qadassa!

    Some neat things have happened during the month of May and June, and now that a month of Summer has passed, some even neater things will be happening. With that allusion out of the way, the Community Newsletter is your best way to get recapped on the happenings of the community for the months of May and June.

    The Community Newsletter is Prestige Gaming’s way of featuring all the news, events, achievements, etc. by members of the community, and all the fun stuff that happened in the previous month. It’s gonna stay short and sweet, the TL;DR for all the happenings from last month. We hope you enjoy!

    Big Jailbreak Mapping Contest
    Yes, it is breaking the usual order of these newsletters. However, a Jailbreak mapping contest commenced on June 20th, with the end date being September 1st. During this time, anyone that would like to participate can do so here.

    Further details can be found here
    We are constantly looking for people, and ways to improve Prestige Gaming. We at Prestige Gaming love to give back to the community, in many different ways. One of the ways we do this is through promotions. Promotions are filled with joy and happiness. They are always well deserved, even if they don’t always come quickly. We at Prestige Gaming are so very happy to show our appreciation to our most dedicated, mature, and truly outstanding members. Please join us once again in congratulating those who have been promoted!

    Remember, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

    Field Promotions - May
    @jeck - Junior [pG]
    @Killtum - Junior [pG]
    @Lockstrife - Junior [pG]

    Field Promotions - June
    @Tora - Full Member =[pG]=

    List Promotions - June
    Summer Promotions
    Every month, we at Prestige Gaming would like to recognize an individual who is striving to help the community prosper in the means of a Community Spotlight. For the month of May, we are happy to announce that the Community Spotlight is @Coder! And for June, the recipient was @Jacko!

    As an administrator, @Coder has helped fellow admins keep our servers clean of troublesome players. He is currently part of AT and was part of MT. In AT, he has answered many questions on rules and procedures. During his time in MT, Coder made professional images which were used to decorate our homepage. He’s a good source of positivity, and the community wouldn’t be the same without him.


    However, good things do come to an end. Due to many reasons, Coder unfortunately left the Media Team on good terms. From everyone in the Media Team and the community, thank you, @Coder, for all your hard work in creating images and overall dedication towards the Media Team, it will never be forgotten.

    Congratulations, however, on your achievement once again @Coder!


    @Jacko is a well-known member of our community, dedicated to helping the Jailbreak server grow. On Jailbreak, he has administrated with a high level of excellence, creating a very joyful and relaxing environment for both admins and players. He is a member of AT, and like Coder, has trained many admins and answered questions from fellow Admins and players. As a JB Server Specialist for TT, he helps to test new maps, plugins, and other Jailbreak-related issues.

    Congratulations again to you as well, @Jacko!
    new ca.png
    Prestige Gaming would have difficulty operating without the help of the Community Assists. Each of these CAs are an essential part in the dynamic of Prestige Gaming. Most importantly, being a part of CA is very much similar to being in a family. There is Quality Assurance, the ones who welcome new members into the community and help them along their way. The Admin Trainers skillfully train admins to prepare them for what they’ll face on the servers and are there to answer rule related questions. Event Coordinators, the free spirits that wish to host events for all to enjoy and interact with others. Media Team, the brave writers, artists, and editors that present updates and news to the public in the form of images, text, and videos. Tech Team, the fearless coders and mappers that strive and dedicate themselves to maintain the servers. Without any of these CAs, there would be a part of Prestige Gaming missing. So, without further ado, let’s congratulate the new members of these families:

    @Fritzy - QA
    @Impact - QA
    @LightPrismHD - QA
    @Teben - QA
    @TheFrogger - QA
    @Tiny - QA
    @Caz - TT
    @Kenan - TT
    @karl-police2017[GER] - TT
    @Scamp - TT

    @Benster - MT
    @Ritz - MT

    Congratulations and good luck to you in your new CA. We look forward to your contributions.

    And if any of you feel the urge to become one with any of these families, don’t hesitate in posting an application in the Community Assists Central to the currently open CAs listed below

    If you are a Recruit+:
    Media Team (Video Editor, Graphic Artist, Writer, Interviewer)
    Tech Team (Coders and Mappers)
    May Achievements
    @Fritzy received the Bug Squasher trophy
    @Impact received the Bug Squasher trophy
    @Jay received the GMOD Server Starter, GMOD Idler and Coding Excellence trophies
    @Tina received the Bug Squasher trophy
    @Tora received the Bug Squasher trophy

    June Achievements
    @Fusion received the Bug Squasher trophy
    And in case you missed any of the past month events and want to get ideas of what’ll be coming to a Prestige Gaming Event server near you, just check out this list and get prepared:

    May Events
    Extreme Football Throwdown
    Skullgirls 1v1 Tournament 2: Electric Boogaloo
    You Touched It Last
    Gun Game
    AWP Only
    Movie Night
    Guess Who
    Layer Strike
    Hunger Games
    Community Wars: Scoutz N Knviez
    Batman’s Secret Pleasure | Cards Against Humanity
    Anime Binge Night: Vol 1
    Ultimate Chimera Hunt
    Multi 1v1
    Chicken Wars

    June Events
    Huntsman Hell
    Hide and Seek
    Prop Hunt
    Bomb Fortress
    Stop It Slender
    AWP Only
    Mechanized Mercs
    Trash Compactor
    Extreme Football Throwdown
    The Hidden
    Ultimate Chimera Hunt
    Heavy Tyson's Punchout
    1v1 Speedrunners Tournament
    Anime Binge Night: Vol 2
    Freak Fortress
    Not the Safest Town
    Slender Fortress 2
    Presented to you by the Media Team, Game Spotlights are news posts filled with tons of knowledge about upcoming games. Within the Game Spotlights themselves, an in-depth analysis on the game is prepared, covering what the game is about, who made the game, how the gameplay feels, characters, and other useful bits of information such as the price at which it will be sold at. In addition to full Game Spotlights, the Media Team also releases Indie Game Spotlights which, instead of covering well-known games by popular companies, we cover indie games, which are made without the support of a publisher. What we cover range from Indie Spotlights to regular Game Spotlights, and have now included the new Free 2 Play Spotlight series.

    So for now, feel free to check out the Game Spotlights highlighted during the month of May
    Impact Winter
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    They earned it
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    omg is that xvalence as the writer
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    his last MT submission :(
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    Good info
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    I got the only June Trophy :)
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    good stuff yall
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    I miss MT :( I'll come back to you soon.
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    if you apply as an interviewer we're switching you to artist

    edit: we'll accept then switch you to artist
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  16. is the --- me? :D so honored jk. :eek: and noice
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    Nice Stuff.
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    Well done everyone!
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  19. My history of mapping here:

    Fix bhop_lost, it can't get anymore optimized.
    Fix seek_hotel, it takes too long to render and when I tried to optimize it I found out the map is made out of carve so basically I've wasted my time on trying to optimize it.

    But I still see it positive. If you get mapper don't make your maps like this:


    Just for a very good advise. Ask Valve why they didn't remove it. Carving isn't so useful but sometimes it helps for any reason but its still bad and doesn't make things good, if you wan't to use carve then make model and export it to mdl.

    Whatever, I think that guy made a record to make the most famous map with carve tool on the workshop.

    So I see everything positive I do yes.

    Congrats @Tora you have made so many things with mapping and now look at me. Did you ever had like situtations like me? I think.
    Posted Jul 15, 2017
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