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    --- Global Meeting 2013 Recording ---
    PART 1 - PART 2

    We would like to thank everyone who has been able to attend the clan wide meeting and participated in the first Global Roll Call of 2013 - with this we are pleased to post the results, some general statistics of 2012 as well as other major updates for each division.

    Please click on the link at the each topic to see a more detailed version of it.​

    Community Assists host events, train admins, help with technical projects or issues, create awesome images for news posts or help edit them and do so much more. The Community Assists have always been a great part of our achievements. If you would like to help us out and make this a more joyful time for everybody...more infomation

    We are currently testing out a TeamSpeak 3 server as the Community's input favored it over our current Ventrilo Server. Whilst this may take some time, as we are currently trying to connect the TS Server with our website's rank system, we would like everybody to remain patient and continue giving input on our online communication ways...more infomation

    As it may have been guessed: we are going to be hosting a Minecraft server and with it a new Division. We believe that this addition will succeed due to the interest shown to this game. This server has yet to be fully developed -- we are, as we have always been, open to any suggestions which are placed in the respective forum...more infomation

    We would like to congratulate Tharnawn on his promotion to Council - his work has always been invaluable to the community - he will be heading the Minecraft Division as with the News Team to take the community and upcoming division even further.​

    Are you ready for some new hats? With the addition of the newest server, the Trade Server, we have made the decision to host events that can be joined by anyone (public events). With this, we hope to rise the recruitment numbers to the top.

    Play it now @ - don't forget about the ongoing divisional contest held by Cpt. Hopi...more infomation

    The recruitment numbers are going strong as ever, just like the servers. According to GameTracker, we are among the 50 most successful servers in the entire GMod Community. We are very proud to say that, and would like to thank everybody for their very appreciated help...more infomation

    We would also like to congratulate [MENTION=1558]Cartman[/MENTION] (Recruitment) and [MENTION=1597]Rose Tora Draconis[/MENTION] (Technical) on their promotions to Advisor - with their continued support we hope to take the division even further. Under their wings will be [MENTION=288]George Ri[/MENTION] as the Garry's Mod & Technical Council.​

    Unfortunately there are no recent updates for CS - there is, however, a bright look into the future. We are planning on moving our focus on getting the Counter-Strike Division to its origins and to the success it previously had. We are currently investigating which servers and gamemodes proof to be the most fun for everyone. Be on lookout for more news...more infomation

    Should you have any private concerns or promotion suggestions, please make use of the Contact Leadership forum to easily reach us.
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    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  2. Note: The News and Media Team as well as the Technical do not require a special rank -- the Admin Trainers and Event Coordinators, however, require you to have an approved enlistment (be an admin)

    News Team / Media Team ...
    ... are responsible for the communication between us and the normal world. The creation of YouTube videos, livestreams on TwitchTV, backgrounds and avatars for Facebook and Twitter, as well as the editing of News Posts, just like this one, fall under our responsibility.
    Should you see yourself as a well-written person, or someone with a creative mind and would like to join the News and Media Team, send a private message to either [MENTION=50]Anchor[/MENTION] or [MENTION=20]Tharnawn[/MENTION]​

    Technical Team ...
    ... the recently introduced Technical Team, which has the purpose of managing our server's plugins, solve other technical issues on the Website as well as help out with other projects which will in the end benefit the entire Community.
    The Technical Team is a globally active project lead by each Division's Manager -- send them a private message, if you see yourself suit into this group of people.​

    Event Coordinators ...
    ... surely you have previously attended to one of your division's events. The charismatic, friendly and nice guys and girls who host these are always happy to welcome another person to their family. Even those under you who do not have any experience with setting up a server are most welcomed to try it out as everything needed to know will be taught in no time.
    Contact your Division's EC Advisor for further detail. ​

    Admin Trainers ...
    ... the fine ladies and gentlemen naming themselves ATs are those who explain to every approved enlistee how to correctly use their given abilities. They will always be there for you should you have any questions about admins and the ways of administration, contact these people who would gladly assist you.
    Contact your Division's AT Advisor for further detail​
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  3. Minecraft

    Please welcome the newest Division to Prestige Gaming, the Minecraft Division. The ton of suggestions that have been made about hosting a Minecraft Server have finally been accepted and implemented. Whilst it is still under construction and needs a lot of attention, we are happy to announce that it is ready to be played on. The Division itself will be looked after by [MENTION=20]Tharnawn[/MENTION] until a Division Manager and other leadership members have been found. Should you find anyone who would fit in this position, please use the Contact Leadership forum and suggest him/her.

    One of the current things that are on the To-Do list is the build of a house -- notify [MENTION=20]Tharnawn[/MENTION] if you see yourself with a creative mind or have any general ideas on what to build. Since the server is relatively new, we need some input from all of you to see what would be best for everyone, hence use the respective forum to suggest new plugins, gamemodes, or other things that should be added to the server.
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  4. Reputation System

    The recently added Website feature has been created to show recognition in a persons activities and dedication. Whilst it is finished for the most part, expect more ways of gaining these rep-points. You can only be points by the leadership -- which is why we are encouraging everybody so much to show us that they are actually a part of the community and that they enjoy being here.
    ... more details:

    Achievement System

    All achievements can be given by anyone in the leadership, meaning that they will only be given out to those people who we think really deserve it. We like to see it as a of having a goal and a way of showing your activity and dedication to the community. Those under you who will gain a lot of achievements over time will most likely be successful at Prestige Gaming. Beyond that, who doesn't want to brag about the awesome new medal he got?
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  5. Quality Assurance

    For those of you who are unsure what the QA is actually doing: The QA is the team working behind the court on member applications, complaints about other community members and much, much more. We would also like to take a moment to thank our hard working leadership staff as well as any other QA Member.

    The Quality Assurance Team is always recruiting and has no requirements but to be a full member (rank =[pG]=). Please contact [MENTION=50]Anchor[/MENTION] for further information about the QA and how to join them.
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  6. Counter-Strike

    The Counter-Strike Division has seen better days. It has seen good days, but some of the wrongly made decisions as well as a big lose of dedication and interest are the reason why we have dropped most of the support for it. However, we are looking to bring CS to back to its glorious days -- expect the comeback of servers like Jailbreak. This time around, our focus will be fully on gaining regular players who will keep the coming servers populated.

    We are hoping to bring some more bright news to you regarding the CS Division very soon.
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  7. Team-Fortress 2

    We are rolling as we ever have for which we have to thank every single member in the Division. From the gathered intel given to us by every single player, we have made some decisions regarding the less active servers who will soon be replaced with some which suit our needs more.

    One of the newest addition will be the newly introduced Trade Server which will bring some big changes to the Division. Such changes as having a admin for the Trade Server only or the server specific rules which are currently being written. We hope that we can get a good start for this new server and would appreciate the help to get this server to the high server rank numbers.

    The recent division intern contest, hosted by [MENTION=353]Cpt. Hopi[/MENTION], is a big chance for everyone to win the big prize. It is also a great opportunity to show that you are dedicated to pG. Prize donations like hats, and other gifts is greatly helping out and grants more events to be held. In the future, it will also be awarded with rep and medals.
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  8. Garry's Mod

    We are pleased to welcome [MENTION=1558]Cartman[/MENTION] and [MENTION=1597]Rose Tora Draconis[/MENTION] to our leadership staff. These two, who have previously shown their dedication, have now been granted with the ability to help others even more than they already have. Please help us congratulate them!

    We are also happy to say that the servers and recruitment numbers are going very strong -- we are now the #1 Division when it comes to recruitment numbers. We have to thank everybody for that.
    Keep on going!
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    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  9. TeamSpeak 3

    As mentioned, we are currently trying to set up a TS Server; this may take some more time, though, as we are currently trying out some plugins which will allow us to use the Website's rank system for it. We have decided to give TS a trial due to the bigger changes we can make with it. However, if we and the community should feel as if it doesn't fit our needs, we will change back to the good old Ventrilo server. So, be on lookout for further details coming to you about the new voice server.
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  10. Statistics of the year 2012

    The most members online in one day was 170, 13. Jan. 2013
    Record online users at a single moment: 67 (07-01-2013 12:33 AM)
    Top poster - [[MENTION=51]Root Beer[/MENTION] - 3047]
    Most replied to thread - [What do you look like?]
    Most viewed thread - [What do you look like?]
    Full Members Community wide: 128
    Recruits Community wide: 465

    Overall visits: ~110,000
    Pageviews: ~1,200,00
    Avg. Visit Duration: 12 Mins.
    Percentage of new visits/day: 20.15%

    Numbers of Recruits for each Division

    Counter-Strike: 132 Members
    Garry's Mod: 255 Members
    Team-Fortress 2: 206 Members
    Registered members by each month

    January 2012 - 176
    February 2012 - 58
    March 2012 - 79
    April 2012 - 76
    May 2012 - 118
    June 2012 - 111
    July 2012 - 173
    August 2012 - 270
    September 2012 - 218
    October 2012 - 157
    November 2012 - 288
    December 2012 - 369
    January 2013 - 247​
    Threads by each month

    January 2012 - 356
    February 2012 - 296
    March 2012 - 257
    April 2012 - 370
    May 2012 - 473
    June 2012 - 319
    July 2012 - 549
    August 2012 - 747
    September 2012 - 592
    October 2012 - 466
    November 2012 - 518
    December 2012 - 532
    January 2013 - 411​
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  11. I am gonna start populating the new trade server as soon as I can and I hope it gets popular and please do not get rid of dust bowl it is getting popular again
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  12. [​IMG]
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  13. Swagijuana

    Swagijuana Member

    How can you listen to .VRF files? Can't play them in my media players. I can convert them but just wondering
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  14. Swagijuana

    Swagijuana Member

    The meeting recordings are .VRF btw
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  15. Advisor 1 and Advisor 2? Who are they Tharnawn? :p
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
  16. Cpt. Hopi

    Cpt. Hopi Member

    [MENTION=2291]Swagijuana[/MENTION] in Ventrilo do:
    Right Click-> View-> Record/Playback-> Open and then browse for the file you downloaded. Once you load it just click play.
    Posted Jan 19, 2013
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    I am here.
    Posted Jan 20, 2013
  18. <3
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  19. ^^^owned hahha
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  20. These are some smexy stats youve posted there
    Posted Jan 25, 2013
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    <3333333 My baby cuzin

    So small
    Baby cousin <3
    Posted Jan 29, 2013
  22. cool
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  23. Cool a teamspeak3 server. :D
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  24. thats cool

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  25. Wooooo
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