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  1. I just downloaded counter strike again because i restarted my computer and lost it. whenever i try and load a map on our server my computer just turns off. i have not tried any other servers yet though. if you have an answer lease get back with me
    Posted Aug 27, 2012
  2. i tried another server and it did the same thing
    Posted Aug 27, 2012
  3. Posted Aug 27, 2012
  4. well i had it on before i played it all the time
    Posted Aug 27, 2012
  5. Well try the site anyway, lots of computers dont run games all that well
    Posted Aug 28, 2012
  6. Weard problem. I have no idea what could have caused it.
    Posted Aug 30, 2012
  7. Jed_


    update your video card driver, if you have an NVida video card update it from their website, same if you have an ATI video card, i had this problem before and once i did that it stated working again.
    Posted Aug 30, 2012
  8. How much time is given to download it. Is it even downloading at all? It could be your internet is downloading it slow or sending client info slow.
    Posted Aug 31, 2012
  9. well i uninstalled it and installed it again and it did download
    Posted Sep 1, 2012
  10. Hmmmm.

    1.Retrace your steps really well, was there a setting u had or didnt have in the past.
    2. Try getting the game files and installing them manually.
    Posted Sep 2, 2012
  11. Maybe it was a simple mod of console thing that tripped it off, it happens to me a lot.

    One more tip. Many times when it loads really slow, i press the start menu key or ctrl+alt+delete and rejoin the game it ussually starts again, or loads in a jiffy. good luck
    Posted Sep 2, 2012
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