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Discussion in 'Community News' started by Abdul, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Abdul

    Abdul Arabian Prince Director

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    On behalf of the players of Prestige Gaming, I would like to bestow a very profound and vivacious thanks to EOReality, the providers of our amazing servers. With a fast response time that minimize any downtime and servers optimized for maximum efficiency, EOReality really brings the best when it comes to servers.

    Their server management system really takes a load off of our hands, allowing us to focus more with managing the community; combined with their effective DDoS mitigation, gives the servers a crisp, clean, lag-free feeling even when we're under attack. With such a high-standard service, their prices are unbelievably great.

    EOReality has us covered with amazingly fast and affordable servers - should you or anyone you know need a server, then I would highly commend EOReality to be your server host.​
    Posted Jul 23, 2012
  2. Geno


    I'll be buying some servers later for my own private servers and misc.
    Will look at them first :D
    Posted Jul 23, 2012
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