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  1. Abdul

    Abdul Arabian Prince Director

    Project Name: Targets / Last Man Standing

    Project Description: A couple of ideas, see what needs to be done

    Project Discussion URL (if any): None, discuss in this thread if needed.

    Date Required: NOT DECIDED YET - Please discuss below whether to proceed, before occupying this idea.

    What needs to be done?

    - Traitors are NOT required to kill targets, they are also not penalized for not killing targets, they simply dont gain the benefits.
    - Immediately after selection of teams (traitor/inno/detective), a random innocent is selected as a 'target' and everyone is notified of who the target is.
    - The traitors must attempt to kill the 'target', once he is killed by a traitor, the killer (traitor) earns "1 target point".
    - All traitors are notified of when a target is eliminated, and then the next target is randomly selected from alive innocents. (It would not say who killed the target)

    - Creates a feel of competition for traitors.
    - Creates a more intense situation for innocents (knowing some may try to pick him off, and may be dangerous to be around the target), and the target (knowing all traitors are possibly after you - and feel like everyone is after you, with only detectives you can trust and who can trust you as-well)
    - Encourages you (traitor) to try harder, be more deadly and possibly use more strategic methods.

    - The target would be 'proven' since only innocents are selected, this may be an issue when there is only a very small number of innocents left, but can be overcome with the last man standing idea below.​

    Perks for eliminating targets (just ideas, not final)
    - Gives you traitor credits for the traitor shop, for each target you kill?
    - (Bragging Rights) It says who eliminated the most targets.
    - PointShop points/credits for killing the most targets.
    - Traitor ticket for kill the most targets? (If killed a minimum of 6 targets aswell)

    Last Man Standing (The hunted becomes the hunter)
    - I am sure everyone who is the last innocent, hates it since even though your guts tell you to kill that person, you avoid doing it since it may be RDM (as you have no 'technical' reason). I think for last man standing situations, we should even up the odds and let the innocent know he is the last one standing (so he can go all bezerk and shoot everyone in sight).
    - To make it more 'harder' for the traitor(s), the last person would have a radar that tells him where the remaining traitors are (the radar scanner), balanced with a delay.
    - Killing the last person could possibly give 2 target points instead? As a bonus since it was somewhat more challenging.

    Are there any similar/exisiting plugins? (this is really its own gamemode, but trying to somewhat take the hitman idea and make it work with the regular TTT gamemode)
    Posted Jan 13, 2014
  2. Koala


    I like all these ideas, and when I'm a little better at coding, I'll be sure to do this, but you'll probably want it done before then. I wouldn't mind having a go, but it would take longer. If not, I'll help in testing and in any way I can, because I think this will spice the gamemode up.
    Also, the target could maybe appear a different colour to the traitor, so that they can be easily picked out of crowds?
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    Posted Jan 13, 2014
  3. I Really like this idea too!!
    Posted Jan 13, 2014
  4. Vent


    I can see if I can wip up something, great Idea Abdul!
    Posted Jan 16, 2014
  5. The Calculator

    The Calculator Member

    This has theoretically already been done with jailbreak, as for selecting a random guard on !w [Remove that and random with TEAM_INNO] should put the shiny blue shadowing around the person as they are (from the code at least) the "warden" / "Target".

    Last Man Standing, same thing. Already implemented in jailbreak, switch TEAM_GUARD with TEAM_INNO followed by a wonderful ulx tsay announcement.

    Posted Apr 3, 2014
  6. Drewerth

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    @Alexys @Ark
    May be of interest to you both now that you're working on GM-TTT at the moment.
    Posted Sep 22, 2017
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  7. Alexys

    Alexys Junior

    I'll look over both, thank you drew!

    LMK how you feel about them as well ark.
    Posted Sep 22, 2017