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  1. I know that buying parts and building a pc your self is the best way to go. However I am way to scared that I would fuck up so I will not do it. So is there a PC already built that is "UK" based so Pounds and uk plug socket please. Already built around 4-5 pounds and can run games on 60 fps min? I play mc but my laptop is slowly dieing with overheating ever 50 mins or so i get warnings! I run mc on 20 fps with this thing. In feb 19 I will be 16 and atm having fun creating a CV to get a job straight away so that I will then invest is bigger and better ;). Thanks to anyone who replys and have a good boxing day. (For some) :D
    Posted Dec 26, 2013
  2. If your laptop is suddenly overheating, chances are you have a bunch of dust built up in it(or software updates slowly eat your computers soul ;) ). As for cleaning it out however, if you are afraid to build a computer this is probably not the best option. My suggestion would normally be to never buy a pre-built PC because of the extra cost and lack of customization, in this case i would wait until you can find a good sale (new years perhaps?) and do LOTS of research before buying.
    Posted Dec 30, 2013
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    Always build your PCs. I made the mistake of buying a "custom" computer, which was nice, but I ended up upgrading so much it would have been better to just build my own. Videos/People/Forums can help you with parts and installation. As for your laptop, a good trick for keeping it cool is if you have it plugged in at a desk, remove the battery because the battery just fluctuates between 99% and 100% generating useless heat. Make sure you know what you are buying, and MY suggestion is a desktop. They have a lot more space and I like the space, I can add case fans and whatnot to keep my CPU temps down, like you are having problems with. I run my CPU at 25 Celsius, so I'd recommend a desktop. Lastly, higher price doesn't always mean better. If you have to save to buy a better part, do it, it'll pay off.
    Posted Dec 31, 2013
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