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  1. So, I started making backgrounds now that I have a fuck ton of time on my hands.

    Posted Dec 1, 2013
  2. Gravious

    Gravious Member

    The elements all fit with the theme, it's just that they don't really blend in; most noticable with the tombstone, grim reaper and the moon.

    I still need a new background for my laptop, so I'll be checking back here :d
    Posted Dec 2, 2013
  3. Swagijuana

    Swagijuana Member

    There's really only a few problems. Gravious mentioned everything failing to blend in. It's really just the lighting and the sizing of objects in the foreground. A bright moon at night can be a complicated lighting issue. Then for some reason, it may just be my eyes or some optical illusion, but the Moon looks skewed. Is that just to represent a different moon phase that is not a full moon, or am I stupid? lol
    Posted Dec 2, 2013
  4. I know there's work to be done, as this is my first background project, and no minor minor details are done yet. And yeah, the moon isn't meant to be a complete circle. It's not a full moon.
    Posted Dec 2, 2013
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