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    Recruitment Team

    We are happy to announce the addition of a new Community Assist role to the community, The Recruitment Team.

    Members of the recruitment team focus on actively recruiting and welcoming new members into Prestige Gaming, as well as hosting events and periodically helping fill servers. They are considered role models, and they are expected to step forth with new ideas and participate in group discussions. Aside from recruiting, members must also attend monthly meetings in TeamSpeak. This includes a summary meeting at the end of each month where a small prize, ranging from a game to a steam cash gift, will be randomly raffled off to team members.

    To be eligible to apply you must check that you know the Qualifications and Expectations of being a Community Assist. Then Private Message your divisional Recruitment Advisor; [MENTION=1395]half40[/MENTION] for Team Fortress 2, and [MENTION=2908]MetalTitan[/MENTION] for Garry's Mod for further details.


    Media Team

    Prestige Gaming has a Media Team, and it is looking for new members. We handle the YouTube channel, the Facebook and Twitter page, the Prestige Gaming subreddit, and the Twitch channel. We need help to get this team running correctly, because it helps expand Prestige Gaming's community.

    There are 4 positions in the Media Team: the Editors who makes videos, the Shoutcasters who stream on Twitch, the Animators who make animations, and Social Media who handle things like Reddit or Facebook.

    To apply send a Private Message to [MENTION=551]Reta[/MENTION] on the forums with the format below filled out. If applying for Social Media you do not need to fill out the format.

    [B]Editing/Animation/Streaming Program[/B]
    [B]Do you have a dropbox account?[/B]
    [B]How long have you been Editing/Animating/Streaming?[/B]
    [B]Do you have any examples of your work?[/B]

    Links to some of our Media Team sites:
    (Click to go to the page)

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    Posted Nov 5, 2013
  2. Sweet! I think ill go sign up for Recruitment team! ;D
    Posted Nov 5, 2013
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