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  1. Let me start by saying that DGVids' excellent guide can be found here. I thought I’d add in my own two cents about recruiting and introduce you to the 5-step method I use.

    Step 1: The approach

    Log onto one of PG’s servers. Usually, Hightower and Dustbowl are the best options. (You didn’t hear it from me). Press ‘.’ to go into spectate mode, and open up a separate steam browser window. Look under your ‘Friends’ tab, and then under ‘Players’. This will show you the players in your current game. (This can be sidestepped by ALT + Tab’ing and clicking the left-most button ‘View Players’, but I have found that this often lags my game).

    Step 2: The selection

    Don’t be discriminatory against who you try to recruit. Just because someone has an avatar that is not to your liking or is someone you’re feuding with in-game doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be a fantastic recruit. Remember, you’re recruiting people, not profiles. That said, without investigating everyone’s profile individually, I have found that a good rule of thumb would be to take interest in players with a steam level of 3+. This is shown to you by hovering over their name in the ‘Players’ window. Excluding players with levels 0-2 will thin the pool of targets by only a few- and although not everyone under that level is inexperienced, it is best to avoid the possibility of overwhelming them. Check the boxes next to your potential suitors thus far and click ‘add to friends’ list’. The number of friends you should be adding could be anywhere from 5-20 depending on the server.

    Next step: wait a few minutes. Go in-game, check your messages, or browse the web. Give the people a chance to acknowledge your invite.

    Step 3: The introduction

    Hit the ‘tab’ key. The people who accepted your request will have the ‘friend’ icon next to their name and will be easily identifiable. Take note of their names, open up your friends list, and send them a message. Don’t forget to remove any players who remain under the ‘players I’ve sent a friend invite to’ tab for more than a few days.

    Without directly reiterating the message I typically send, here are a few good ones.

    Hi. I see you’re playing on _______. If you like the server, I would recommend joining pg. Interested?

    Hello, I’m a (admin/member/junior) of pg. Would you be interested in joining?

    Hey, I see you’re on our _______ server. Would you be interested in applying to join pg?

    You get the idea. It’s best to have a few tabs open with these messages. Try typing them out every time instead of copy-and-pasting because if you accidentally send the same message twice, that is embarrassing. Phew. Also, you’re not a robot with an inked stamp where his heart should be, sending out messages left and right and not caring about who receives them. Pay attention to what you’re saying and change it up to keep things light.

    Step 4: The conversation

    Try it. You can hold a conversation with a TF2-lover much like yourself easily.

    Mock conversations:

    At this point, the tides are in your favor. If you’re reading this, you no doubt already know just how much pg has to offer. Here’s a few things to mention:
    - Access to our event server
    - Information about our other servers, reminding them that we are not TF2-exclusive. We also have the attack/defend + 5cp servers which a lot of people prefer to 2fort or harvest.
    - Potential to lobby or scout players for their own 6’s/highlander team
    - Being part of a great community and lively forums
    - Likelihood of becoming an admin on our servers as they gain status

    For the last two scenarios, always drop the link. Even if they seem discouraged, end with a simple. ‘Alright. Here’s the link for your consideration ____”. There’s a lot of room for adaptation here, but you should be prepared to answer most general questions. Shoot a quick steam message to an advisor with anything you’re unfamiliar with. A pattern does start to form over time, though. Here are the top three misconceptions:

    1. Q: Don’t I need to donate to be in pg?
    A: No! Becoming a member is absolutely free. VIP perk-related automated messages in the chat can sometimes confuse people about this. Make sure that this is evident, and direct them to if they’d like to learn more about the donating to the site.

    2. Q: So can I put on the =[pG]=™ tags?
    A: No. If accepted, you’d start out as a recruit, with the –pg- tags. After a little bit, you’ll be promoted to a junior, and then a member. Both can apply to be admins, but the tags are different. (Keep it concise here. They’ll learn about the tags themselves, just keep them from jumping to add the incorrect tags to their name).

    3. Q: Do I become an admin when I join?
    A: No. As a recruit, you’ll have to demonstrate some maturity before being promoted to a Junior. As a Junior, you can apply to be an admin.

    Keep things to-the-point and accurate and don’t make promises you can’t keep. Tag any potentials as ‘potential recruits’ or ‘P.R.s’ in your friends list so you can keep track of them after they demonstrate an interest.

    Step 5: The follow-through

    Keep an eye on the apps. See your name under the ‘Who recommended you to join/apply’ question? Nicely done. Go under your P.R. tab and ask the respective recruit whether they’re familiar with Teamspeak if they haven’t connected already. Dole out links and directions accordingly. Post in their introduction thread, if they ever get around to making one. Add them as friends on the forums. Invite them to your game every once in a while. Answer their questions. I was a bit lost when I first joined myself and wish I had someone to help me get around the way I do with some of my recruits.

    Useful links:

    To apply:

    List of servers:

    Server rules:

    Where to post an intro thread:

    VIP info:

    To download teamspeak:

    Steam ID Finder (in case they need help):

    That’s all for now. Feel free to offer any of your own tips in response, I may amend this guide to include them. :)
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    I found this helpful.
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  3. I can personally vouch for Half40's strategy.

    Source: Half40 got me to join. :)

    A big part for me is that I did ask her a few questions (none of the ones she posted :p) and whenever I had a question/concern I asked her first because I trust and already have a line of communication to her already.
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  7. Hey [MENTION=1395]half40[/MENTION]

    That is such a wonderful guide for new recruits and users here. Thank you for sharing it. :)

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  8. Awesome guide if you read it all it its just amazing and a nice piece of work
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  10. thx for the help
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    Thanks for the guide [MENTION=1395]half40[/MENTION] it was very helpful and factual. I will be sure to try to put it into action.
    - Koala.
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    This is a very good guide!

    But sadly this is what always happens

    Recruiter:Hey you like pG?
    Recruiter: apply for pG and say I recommended you, thank you have a nice day!
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  13. Wonderfully written guide, very helpful information and suggestions. While I wasn't personally recruited, i'll definately be thinking about some of the things posted here while scouting potentials. Thanks!
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  14. I know i'm late, but I enjoyed reading this. :D Thanks.
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    Helpful I got a few :)
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  18. I actually recruited a player before I've saw this thread, we have become great friends and we play a lot. His name is -pg- Anderson
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  19. Thank you so much for the help,Best of luck my friend
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  21. Great post! I will be sure to use this method when I recruit!

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