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  1. so i recently got a couple of games and wanted to sell them. they are Fallout 3 GOTY edition, Fallout NV Ultimate edition, and Dishonored. if you have any games you want to trade for them or want to pay with tf2 stuff, feel free to offer!
    Posted Sep 2, 2013
  2. what kind tf2 stuff are you looking for?
    Posted Sep 5, 2013
  3. Anything really, Fallout NV would probably be the cheapest
    Posted Sep 5, 2013
  4. One does not simply "trade" a played game on steam.
    Posted Sep 5, 2013
  5. ok i'll see weapons i can give
    Posted Sep 6, 2013
  6. Obviously he didnt play it yet...
    Posted Sep 9, 2013
  7. Waif


    I'm trying to resist the urge to take you up on that.
    I'm not sure if its working.
    Posted Sep 9, 2013
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.