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Discussion in 'Question Archive' started by Delta, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Delta


    There is a player who I have seen on Hightower multiple times wearing a "=PG=" tag. Is this tag considered to be impersonation? I have asked him where the tag is from multiple times, but have never gotten a response.
    Posted Aug 20, 2013
  2. Big Boss

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    When something likes this happens you should do the following:
    1. Type "status" and find the player's SteamID
    2. Google the SteamID and find his Steam Profile
    3. Check his groups, to see if any of them are called something like "Photo Gangsters"
    4. Go the group page and check if other members are wearing the same =PG= tags
    If the tags are from another clan and are extremely similar to ours then you should politely ask if they could remove them as it is considered impersonation. If you don't find any evidence that those are tags from another clan then do as you did and ask him why he is wearing the tags. If he does not respond or gives an obvious fake answer and follow w/k/b.

    If the player claims to be in Prestige Gaming copy the last few numbers of his SteamID, for example STEAM:1:0:23414 you would only copy 23414 and paste it in the Search Bar on our website, see if he has an application. If there is no application or a denied application follow w/k/b, and if there is an accepted application inform him that he is wearing the incorrect tags.
    If a member he does not change his tags to the correct tags, add the player on steam and eventually you can w/k/b. However it should really never come to having to ban the player.
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    Posted Aug 20, 2013
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