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  1. Hello PG, I am wanting some feedback (please) on the improvements I can make to my PC Setup. Here are some pictures:
    https://mcnortontech.us/dave/1.jpg - Desk with Surface RT, Two Xbox 360 controllers, Canon GL1, and more.
    https://mcnortontech.us/dave/2.jpg - OptiPlex 3010 with Windows 8.1
    https://mcnortontech.us/dave/3.jpg - Dell u3014 Monitor.
    https://mcnortontech.us/dave/4.jpg - 360 Swivel Mount for Monitor
    https://mcnortontech.us/dave/5.jpg - ASUS RT-N53 Router
    https://mcnortontech.us/dave/6.jpg - ThermalTake 600W, PNY GeForce GT 630, Samsung Galaxy S4 box, and Intel Core i3 Sandybridge.

    Also, if anyone is interested, I will probably be giving away a free Meraki AP.
    Posted Jun 30, 2013
  2. 1, Doesn't really matter much
    2, Windows 7 imo is much better
    3, If you actually have the monitor you are a god and NEED a better pc
    4, Cool?
    5, Depending on your internet speed, a new router would be good. If you have ~20 MEGABITS per second, or ~2.5 MEGABYTES per second download speed a new router could be useful. I would recommend a Netgear R6200 or R6300 if you can afford it.
    6, PSU should be fine depending on what you do for graphics cars, the gpu NEEDS to be updated and the processor should be updated depending on what gpu you get. So for graphics cards.......

    ~100$ Radeon 7750-7770 I prefer xfx personally but stay away from powercolor
    ~200$ Radeon 7850-7870 Same as above, I have xfx 7870
    The 7870 is around 200-225 and overclocking I can get the performance of a 7950 easily which is around 300$
    ~300 I wouldn't go here, either go above it or below it
    ~400 geforce gtx 670
    ~500 geforce gtx 770
    ~600-950 two 670s, or a 780
    ~1000+ GTX TITAN! Depending on how much you can spend do 2 or 3 or 4 in sli! :)

    If you get a gpu in the 78xx range or over, I would recommend getting an i5 cpu. The i3 in nice for a lower end gaming rig but an i5 is amazing. You wouldn't need an i7 unless you do heavy video rendering or something that demands a shitload of power, basically you would know if you needed one. So for a cpu, if you are planning on overclocking, get a 3570k, I don't have experiance with the new 4xxx series, but I'm sure it is great. In case you don't know x at the end means they are able to be overclocked and would "require" a "z" chipset motherboard, which the standard is z77. If you don't overclock, getting an h77 motherboard is fine and a 3550, or 3570 i5 cpu, (I have an i5 3550). If you have any other questions please reply here. :)
    Posted Jul 3, 2013
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