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  1. Abdul

    Abdul Arabian Prince Director

    Introduction Format

    You are NOT required to use this format, this is only to help you get started, feel free to change it as you see fit.

    My Age:
    My location (state/region):
    Birth Place:
    How I found out about Prestige Gaming:
    What I like to do:
    Here's a picture of me:
    My pet(s):
    I like to play:
    My game library consists of:

    Ask me any question

    Ask me any question threads are no different to introduction threads. If you want people to ask you any question, then go ahead and do it within your introduction thread.​


    Once you have introduced yourself, that's it, don't make another introduction thread. However, returning threads are not considered as introduction threads.​

    Returning threads

    You may post that you have returned after leaving pG, or from an inactivity period (holiday..etc) as long as it the duration of the leave/inactivity was over 2 weeks.​

    Becoming Inactive (Holidays, Exams...etc)

    You are NOT required to post inactivity threads unless you meet the following criteria: Full members and junior members must sign onto the website at-least once every 6 months and recruits must sign in at-least once every 3 months or your membership status will be stripped automatically for being inactive - you can avoid this by creating a thread stating that you will be inactive and you will not be able to sign onto the website at-least once during the required time-frame.

    If you are an admin, you are required to sign into the website at-least once every 2 weeks or it will be automatically disabled, you can re-enable it by simply contacting your Divisional Manager(s).

    You may still submit an inactive thread even if the above does not apply to you, but please use your common sense: don't post an inactive thread saying you won't be active for the day.​


    Leaving threads are NOT allowed elsewhere on the forums except in the Contact Leadership forum. Please read our leaving policy here.​
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