Community Information

For years, large gaming communities have failed to preserve the experience of a close-knit small gaming community that gamers alike desire. Their failures resulted in the founding of Prestige Gaming, formed on the 1st January 2012 for the sole purpose of delivering a close-knit experience in an enjoyable and respectable environment.

By staying true to the mission, Prestige Gaming has established itself as a prestigious gaming community where everyone, regardless of age, race and gender can play in an enjoyable and respectful environment without disruptive troublesome players. All this, has earned Prestige Gaming a formidable following of devoted members and administrators who run and police this community.

Community Rules

We expect everyone to follow the requests by our administrators+ who are entrusted with policing the servers. If you feel the admin requests are unfair or raise concerns, then you must address it in the Contact Leadership forum.

  1. Do not discriminate, harass, disrespect or make any racial and degrading remarks in any form.
    • All sprays, avatar icons and context must be appropriate and contain no nudity.
    • Non-excessive profanity is allowed.
  2. Do not grief, cheat, script, exploit or use hacks of any kind.
  3. Do not advertise, recruit or refer website URLs in any form.
  4. Do not impersonate any members or admins.
  5. Do not disrupt the server in anyway.
    • Acts of server disruption can include but is not limited to: mic/chat spamming,
      trolling, intentionally interfering with team-mates, ie: team flashing, blocking their view/way.

Other server-specific rules
  1. Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules
  2. Jail Break Server Rules
  3. Garry's Mod - Prop Hunt Server Rules
  4. Garry's Mod - Murder Server Rules

  5. Ensuring troublesome players remain off our servers is a community effort - please submit a ban request if no administrators are online in-game to handle the issue.

Community Ranks

  • Directors oversee all actions of the community and lead the Community Managers.
  • Community Managers are responsible for making crucial decisions concerning the servers and rules with the division's best interest at heart.
  • Division Managers are responsible for leading their division and ensure Advisors fulfill their responsibilities and adhere to their duties.
  • Advisors are responsible for the day to day tasks and assisting members with their inquiries in their respective divisions.
  • =[pG]= Members have demonstrated a prestige level of respect and maturity and are admired for their conduct in representing us as a highly respected community.
  • [pG] Juniors have shown a satisfactory level of maturity through a short period of time - they can become an admin to further demonstrate their respect and maturity.
  • -pg- Recruits are expected to participate with the community to demonstrate their maturity meets the standards before becoming a member of the community.

Getting Promoted & Admin

We are always looking to promote -pg- recruits who show potential and maturity, but as with any large community it is a difficult task to know every individual -pg- recruit. To overcome this difficulty, we devised a simple promotions system to helps us recognize those who make an effort to get their maturity known and supported the community in the process, all on the ...

The Promotions Page

When we create promotion lists or field promotions, we use the promotions page to see which -pg- recruits we should consider for a promotion. If you are not on that page, then you would not get promoted. More importantly, if you are not on the first few pages, then your priority is really low - this means you did not make an effort to get your maturity known, so we are not able to make a decision to whether or not you should be promoted.

Learn more by reading the "How do I get promoted / admin?" thread.

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