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» Garry's Mod - Server Changes

Apr 11, 2014 - 10:32 AM - by Abdul

We are happy to announce after much persistence from many members, you can now enjoy bunny hopping on an Easy and/or Hard server - this also includes a server CPU upgrade and IP changes.

All points you have earned completing easy maps have been migrated to the easy server; and points you have earned completing hard maps have been migrated to the hard server; your rank will be separate on both servers.

The TTT server has a new IP address as part of this upgrade.

=[pG]=| 24/7 Trouble in Terrorist Town
=[pG]=| 24/7 Bunny Hop (Easy)
=[pG]=| 24/7 Bunny Hop (Hard)

Please do your bit in passing the new IP addresses to everyone - and join the Garry's Mod Steam Group to participate in official server drives, community events, and other important divisional announcements.

Can you code in LUA or SourcePawn? Contact Leadership to join the Technical Team in in the development of current and new servers.
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» Happy April Fools Day!

Apr 01, 2014 - 7:32 AM - by NinjaHippyFish

Major Community Changes

New Community Manager: Unfortunately leadership have held a private vote to withdraw @Abdul from his position as Community Manager for being a Dictator - due to this, he may have sent ninja cats to kidnap those who voted against him, be warned.

To take his place, we hope that you will all help in congratulating @Cpt. Hopi on his extremely deserving promotion to Community Manager.

New Emblem: To pay respect to Abdul's demotion, we have put up a new emblem to remember him by, you can see it on the website header.

New Website Design: We are happy to announce our long awaited new website design, you can view it here. We will install this design shortly.

New Structure: What makes us stand out from all other communities? That's the golden question, and we had no answer, UNTIL NOW. You can see the new ranks in the Leadership & Structure page.

New Anthem: The Media Team have worked tirelessly to produce the official community anthem - we are going places. Watch It!.

New Name: It has been a mystery why we have a 13+ age rule, but to make the community more fitting to our rules, it has been decided to change the community name to Parental Guidance.

Divisional Changes

Team Fortress: Our Team Fortress 2Fort Server is currently ranked #5 on GameTracker from well-over 8000 servers worldwide - we want to thank everyone who actively plays and supports this server.

As you may have also noticed, Saxton Hale and Foundry have recently been shutdown - unfortunately these servers did not receive much support to keep them populated.

You may also already know from the endless Fast-Fill events on the TF2 Steam Group, we have a Turbine server which we hope that you will all contribute to keep populated:

Counter-Strike: Our CS:GO Jailbreak Server is ranked #9 on gametracker world-wide thanks to the support of the community.

With this success, our CS:S Jailbreak Server has finally been released, you can play it on:

Garry's Mod: Our Bunny Hop Server will be split into two servers; Easy and Hard; but we need your help to categorize the maps, read here.

We have also released a few updates to the TTT server (with more to come), you can view these updates here.

Finally, we are testing our DarkRP Beta Server Today; due to lack of resources, we will carry out this Beta Test on the TTT Server at 6PM EST.

Minecraft: Server has been shutdown until possibly summer for a re-opening.

New Division: We have decided to release a Runescape Division, it will be managed by @Bilbo Laggins and he has promised to also give us all 10 million gold coins each to get started. For his love to the community, please congratulate him in his promotion to Junior Member.

General News

Merchandise: Are you a fan? Well you can now buy a variety of merchandise to show your support.

For every purchase of our merchandise, you will receive a free kitten.

Catnapping: A fellow cat has been kidnapped, it is said that it will be sacrificed if we do not pay $1,000 - this cat is very precious to all of us, so please dig deep into your pockets and purchase VIP - SUPPORT THE CATMUNITY. You can see a picture of this cat here.

Happy Birthday: Please wish @Player#1 a happy birthday - drop him your best of wishes on his profile.

Have a Happy April Fools Day!
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» Quality Assurance Promotions

Mar 29, 2014 - 4:54 PM - by Abdul

Image By: drunkrussian Article By: Abdul Edited By: Abdul

Quality Assurance is the heart of the community; the team works daily to accept new potential candidates that apply to become part of the community. Without such dedication and effort, many applicants would unfortunately either not be accepted into the community or fall through the cracks easily.

With that in mind, we are happy to congratulate the following members of Quality Assurance in their promotions for their continued dedication and support to the team.


@Mad Monk Rasputin


Interested in becoming a QA member? Read more on the Requirements and Duties -- you can apply by posting in the Contact Leadership forum.
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» Spring Recruiting Contest

Mar 20, 2014 - 4:16 PM - by AssassinFlamez

Editor: Reta Writer: AssassinFlamez Artists: Player#1

March 20th - March 31st

We are thrilled to present a Recruiting Drive for the start of Spring. You will have a chance to win great prizes and help the community grow.

How It Works

To enter the raffle, you must recruit two potential players from any of our servers. You will have to include a link to an approved application with your name under 'Recommended By' for each person you recruit. Everyone will have an equal chance at winning the raffle. However, you can still go for the top recruiter and be guaranteed a prize.


On April 1st, the first two entries drawn via the electronic raffle system can choose any prize from the prize pool after the top recruiter.

The top recruiter (most amount of people recruited) will get to choose their prize first as well as receive one month of free VIP.

All winners will also receive the "Contest Winner" Achievement.

  • You must be a recruit, junior, or full member with no active bans.
  • You must post and tally your links to the approved applications in this thread.

Best of luck to everyone, and many thanks to those who have donated awesome prizes.

Would you like to donate a prize? Submit a thread in Contact Leadership.
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» Trouble in Terrorist Town Contest

Feb 28, 2014 - 8:46 AM - by Maddog

Artist: Dousin Writer: MetalTitan & Player#1 Editor: Abdul

Contest is OVER - the winners are:

1st place: Silver Ag (Prize: Sleeping Dogs)

2nd place: Psycho Pyro (Prize: Terraria)

3rd place: funktRe (Prize: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

We are happy to announce the first Trouble in Terrorist Town contest with awesome prizes up for grabs. This contest will be tracked by the NEW Leaderboards feature.

How it works

As a Traitor, you need to rack-up as many Innocent kills as you can - from now till the end of the contest on 9th March at 6:00 PM EST.

The top 3 players with the most Innocent kills will win a prize of their choice from the prize pool.

If you have Garry's Mod - please join our Garry's Mod Division Steam Group.


Everyone can participate (including non-members). You must follow all TTT rules - if you are deemed to carelessly, continuously or intentionally team-kill Traitors, you will be disqualified and more.

Prize Pool

Would you like to donate a prize? Submit a thread in Contact Leadership.
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