» Community-Wide Survey

Oct 12, 2014 - 5:34 AM - by Abdul

Image By: Ryan Article By: Abdul Edited By: Reta

As many community updates are expected to come in the next few weeks, we would like to receive your feedback from your perspective. It is your chance to bring to the table your concerns and views in regards to all matters.

You can fill this survey anonymously or include your forum username if you would like to. Answer truthfully and thoroughly.

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This survey will run until 27th October before submissions will be closed. Any concern about a specific person should be posted in Contact Leadership forum.
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» Minecraft Release!

Sep 07, 2014 - 2:16 PM - by Reta

Image by: MrTeddi Written by: MrTeddi Root Beer Edited by: Root Beer, Reta

Minecraft leadership is proud to announce the release of the Prestige Gaming Minecraft server.

This server is classified as a 'Hub Server' allowing each player to find a world that suits them best. The hub server will include vanilla survival, creative mode, KitPvP, and SkyWars with other gamemodes worlds coming very soon.

Add it to your server list & connect now!

Server IP: mc.prestige-gaming.org:25565

Gamemode Worlds Included on Launch

Vanilla SurvivalGood old, classic style Minecraft. Punch trees and build your house with friends to survive the night against hostile mobs.

Creative ModeClaim your plot and build to your heart's content with infinite materials.

KitPvPChoose your class and jump into the elaborate arena and crush your opponents.

SkyWarsSpawn on your own floating island, grab your resources and plunder surrounding islands...just don't look down.

Important Minecraft Threads

New Player Guide - Read before playing
Server Suggestions and Bug Reports
Can you code Java and want to help

Due to a new system implemented by mojang; there is no longer a pGLink system. Now, you will have to post in this thread to receive your correct rank and admin / VIP in game. Read this thread for more info.

Minecraft need admins, event coordinators, and admin trainers. To apply read How to Become a Community Assist. In addition, all current MC admins have to be retrained.

Huge thank you to the people below:

@MrTeddi - For playing a large part in the servers technical development. I could have not done it without him

@Abdul - For keeping up with Root Beer's loving PM's and plugin configuration

@grimauxiliatrix and @Suffering - For helping test the server throughout development

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» Back To School Promotions

Sep 01, 2014 - 11:51 AM - by NinjaHippyFish

Writer: MrTeddi Artist: MrTeddi Editor: Reta

The school year begins once again!

It's that time of year again, summer draws to a close and the school year begins. Why not have promotions so you have an excuse to not do your homework?

We would like to congratulate the following individuals in their respective divisions for their well earned promotions, and we hope they will continue to support us in our mission to keep our servers clean from troublesome players.

Wear your =[pG]= tags with pride!

Wear your [pG] tags with pride!

We hope that junior and full members will consider becoming a Community Assist, to connect and assist with the community like never before - please view the Community Assists page for details.

Newly promoted junior members must read and fulfill the requirements listed on the "New Admin? Start Here!" thread in-order to receive admin-access.

Didn't get promoted? Read the guide on how you can get promoted here.
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